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Aldrich, Richard
May 25 5:13 PM EDT
Post #16
Thanks Mike
Bourque, Mike
May 25 8:35 AM EDT
Post #15
Well done Richard
Aldrich, Richard
May 23 7:10 AM EDT
Post #14
Win win chicken din
Principe, Guy
May 18 6:27 AM EDT
Post #13
I’m gunnin for ya Belly!! Good luck! PS, I think Michelson looks good for you this week
Principe, Guy
May 02 5:31 AM EDT
Post #12
Way to go Bellybutton!!! Amazing pics!!!
Bourque, Mike
Apr 11 5:54 AM EDT
Post #11
Way to squeak out that segment Guy.
Bourque, Mike
Mar 14 8:29 PM EDT
Post #10
Congrats on the 2nd segment Chris!
Jukins, Paul
Feb 22 6:48 PM EST
Post #9
My predictions are as bad as my picks.
Jukins, Paul
Feb 21 4:14 PM EST
Post #8
My guess is DeChambeau and Reed go with Mickelson to the Dirty Money Tour
Jukins, Paul
Feb 21 4:09 PM EST
Post #7
Big comeback this week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Principe, Guy
Feb 12 10:43 PM EST
Post #6
So much for the comeback Aces, Hovland shit the bed
Jukins, Paul
Feb 08 7:58 AM EST
Post #5
Big come back starting this week
Principe, Guy
Feb 07 6:16 AM EST
Post #4
Well done Jusino-lang I hope you shit the bed the rest of the competition
Bourque, Mike
Jan 27 5:22 PM EST
Post #3
Dechamblow is a fuckin tool bag. Wonder why his shit hurts? Clown!
Bourque, Mike
Jan 13 3:59 PM EST
Post #2
The Jukins brothers are gonna have a tough go this week with Rahm and Thomas. Doh!!